Main activities

Having experience of buying and selling property in the UK for over 20 years, we use our in-depth knowledge to study the market for suitable properties that have potential. We carry out appraisals before purchase to see how to maximise profit. This involves using specialised building and renovation software to calculate costs. We also study the local market and Land Registry sold prices to ascertain what the properties we intend to work on are likely to sell for. We have extensive experience of sourcing properties in London and throughout the UK.

As we have bought and sold many properties over the last 20 years, we have built up close links with estate agents and are often the first to know of new properties coming on to the market. We can often buy properties at a discount as we are not reliant on bank lending and can complete purchases quickly.

We are also in a good position to buy properties from auction. The terms of auction sales usually mean that purchases have to be completed within 28 days. Not everyone is able to purchase in this way as buyers usually rely on mortgages and these are not easy to obtain in the current economic climate. As a result, there is less competition and properties can be purchased at a discount.

Using our knowledge and contacts, we identify and secure the best available investment properties at the best prices

We add value to property by design

We generate profit by adding value to property. This value is added by our specialized design work and creative thinking.

Redesigning existing buildings

Existing buildings can be redesigned to make them more profitable. For example, converting commercial buildings to residential use. Redesigning the layout of an existing structure into a different one creates added value. Such schemes include changing the design of large single commercial buildings to create a range of individual flats or houses from within them.

Designing brand new buildings

This involves buying old properties and completely demolishing them in order to create brand new ones. Alternatively, new houses can be designed and built on former garden sites, which we have experience of undertaking.

Designing land developments

A profit can be made by obtaining planning permission to develop land. We consider land sites with potential to build. We then design a scheme and go through the process of obtaining planning permission. Once we have planning permission, the same site can be sold on for a profit.

We bring our designs into reality by project management

Working with reputable architects, we create new designs for buildings to make the most profitable use of space.

We undertake project management to convert those designs into reality. We have extensive experience in building and renovation projects. We have a number of trade contacts and can comfortably deal with all aspects of building and renovation work. We appoint builders and manage the site on a day to day basis. All building work is done in consultation with local authorities and to current regulations.

Our project development takes over the headache of delivering a scheme from drawing board to reality. We deal with solicitors, architects, planning authorities, regulations and builders. We provide a complete service from inception through to completion. We can even provide an interior design service to ensure that properties are presented to the market in the best way. We work with reputable estate agents to ensure smooth sales. Our experience means that we can ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Kaaz Properties is a
property development consultancy.
We search for propertiess
that have the potential
to create profit
We design development
schemes tailored to the
properties bought.
We project manage
building work to convert
our designs into reality