Our Team consists of experienced people who have lived in th e UK and worked in different fields individually, for over 20 years. We came together in order to use our expertise and experience to create a profitable UK based property company the operates on Islamic principles

Haris Ahmad, BA (Hons) Business Studies, MBA


Haris Ahmad has extensive experience in HR, I.T, Publishing and Property Development. He has over 10 years experience in purchasing investment properties and has project managed a number of developments. He specializes in property appraisal and deals with all financial aspects of the company to ensure that projects are delivered within budget and ROI targets achieved.

Tahir Majid, BA (Hons) Economics, MA Economics


Tahir Majid has over 20 years experience of successful property development in both the public and private sectors in the UK. A specialist in property design, he has worked on creating value by redesigning existing buildings or creating brand new ones on often challenging sites and within tight budgets.

He has extensive contacts and specialist knowledge of the property market particularly in London and Leicester. He has experience of project managing multi-million pound social housing schemes and high end properties.

Kaaz Properties is a
property development consultancy.
We search for propertiess
that have the potential
to create profit
We design development
schemes tailored to the
properties bought.
We project manage
building work to convert
our designs into reality